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Busbar Connectors: What They Are and Their Applications


Busbar connectors are important components in power generation modules. Over the years, they have undergone multiple iterations, evolving in tandem with the trend of power applications and systems becoming smaller, faster and more complex.

In this article, we look at what busbar connectors are and their evolution through the years.

What Are Busbar Connectors

In power-intensive applications, busbars (often also spelled bus bars or bussbars) are critical interfaces for conducting significant current levels between functions within an assembly. They are typically a strip, a bar or sometimes a tube made of copper, brass or aluminum optimized for current requirements and performance specifications.

Busbar connectors are parts used to connect busbar systems to the power module or other parts of the assembly.

Copper Busbar and Press-Fit Interconnect

Applications of Busbar Connectors

With the new generation of power applications getting smaller and more complex​​, ​​it becomes less feasible ​​​​​​​to connect busbar systems using conventional methods such as bolting, welding, or clamping connections.

Soldering is problematic too, with a busbar’s heat dissipation qualities making soldering impractical as part of mainstream automated assembly processes. This often requires specialized secondary manual soldering steps, making it time consuming and costly.

Solderless interconnects, such as Press-Fit technology, provide a great solution to these issues. Not only do they provide excellent conductivity, they also eliminate the need for soldering.

While some designers have been hesitant to adopt Press-Fit to connect directly with copper busbars— due to a misconception that at high temperatures, the copper creep may weaken the interconnects over time and degrade overall performance— tests conducted have shown that the functionality of high force Press-Fit connections are well-maintained through the creep of the copper busbar.

Busbar Connectors and Industries We Serve  

Interplex has over 30 years of industry-leading experience in designing, manufacturing and customizing advanced interconnects for a wide range of industries and specialized applications.

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About Us

Interplex is a leading multi-technological solutions provider trusted by top-tier companies across a multitude of industries. For 60 years and counting, we have played a major part in providing the highest quality customized solutions to tackle our valued customers’ most demanding problems.

Amidst fierce global competition, what makes us stand out and consolidate our leadership position is our technology. Our ability to design, develop and produce mission-critical products and solutions tailored to specific end applications stems from our long-standing commitment to technology and innovation. This encompasses numerous patents and trademarked products, underpinned by our reputation for developing new solutions a step ahead of emerging industry trends.

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