Bandolier Pins

Interplex offers a complete line of bandolier pins and terminals that can be customized to support a variety of dimensional requirements, plating specifications and application-specific designs. Our bandolier pins are available in either square or round wire, as well as numerous pitches and sizes. Parts are offered in plated, selective plated or un-plated options.

At Interplex, we advocate an open tooling approach which can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to meet customer-specific requirements. We specialize in responding to quick-turnaround orders and have the ability to fast-track ramp-up for high-volume production as part of our commitment to supporting customers’ application-specific requirements anywhere in the world.

Bandolier wire terminals can be inserted directly into the band and reeled for delivery. Band dimensions can be selected from a wide variety according to the pitch of holes in each housing. This allows an increased number of pins to be inserted simultaneously in the assembly process, consequently reducing takt time within the production line.

Another characteristic of bandolier pins is that individual terminals can be inserted in a fixed direction. In addition to the insertion of bare wires and pre-plated wires into the bandolier, plating after insertion is also possible. This allows reduction in material costs in the surface treatment process by means of partial plating. Compared to press-formed terminals, initial die costs can be significantly reduced, and it is possible to plate the terminals on four sides.

Interplex can also customize Press-Fit type bandolier pins, which are square-type bandolier terminals where each pin has a Press-Fit configuration. The Press-Fit pins can be produced in custom shapes that match specific requirements.

Markets Served

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • White Goods


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