Custom Connectors & Interconnects

One of our key passions and forte: Custom connectors and interconnects. Interplex brings over 30 years of industry-leading experience in designing, customizing and producing advanced solderable, solderfree and self-soldering interconnects for a wide range of industries and specialized applications.

We pioneered the use of Press-Fit technology to create robust solderfree connections and solder-bearing lead technology for self-soldering connections with 100% solderability.

Our self-soldering interconnects have been tested to meet Class III IPC solder joint requirements, and our Press-Fit interconnects are ISO 9001 certified.

A Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Solutions Provider

Interplex excels at designing, stamping, plating, molding and assembling complete customized connectors for our customers. We provide shorter lead times and lower costs compared to when a multi-vendor approach is adopted. Our in-house capabilities enable us to quickly modify existing tooling and processes to meet specific requirements. We can fulfil custom application requirements, create prototypes and ramp-up to volume production with unmatched speed and responsiveness.

Global Footprint

With our expansive global footprint and localized production facilities, we enable our customers to incorporate advanced interconnect technologies into products built anywhere in the world, while maintaining the highest quality and reliability, all while keeping both logistics and product costs competitive.