A global leader in solderless Press-Fit Technology, Interplex has been producing Press-Fits for top-tier customers for over a decade. We are a global innovator, adapting Press-Fit technology for a wide range of industry-specific applications.

Unique Selling Proposition of Interplex’s Press-fit Technologies

  • High strength of Press-Fit joints eliminate fretting risks associated with pin and socket interconnects
  • Material costs can be reduced, compared to pin and socket interconnects
  • Press-Fit joints are not subject to quality problems associated with solder such as cold spots, voids, splatter and cracks
  • Press-Fit joints are highly reliable and repeatable
  • Press-Fit parts can be readily customized to enable package designers to meet their envelope and manufacturability targets
  • Precious metals are not required
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to perform secondary solder operations on printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies
  • RoHS compliant

Interplex’s Product Development team works closely with customers globally to develop Press-Fit solutions tailored to specific end application needs. For example: Direct insert terminals, customized connectors and headers, Press-Fit PCB connectors, custom-molded modules, power lead frames and other electronic packaging solutions. We leverage our expertise in product design, applications engineering, manufacturing and automation to help customers create the proper turnkey solution for any particular application.

Our global footprint vertically integrates Press-Fit stamping, plating, molding and assembly to provide the highest level of design flexibility, cost-effectiveness and production scalability.

A typical example of Interplex’s design-to-manufacture of an electronic package using Press-Fit and other technologies for interconnecting.

Interplex is compliant to IEC 60352-5 industry specifications, and qualified to the Press-Fit specifications of the largest users of Press-Fit pins in the automotive industry.

Press-Fit Technology

Solderless Press-Fit Terminals for Automotive Applications
This technology supports the assembly of a terminal or electrical lead with a PCB plated-through hole, where an electrical connection is created and maintained without the application of solder.

Custom Connectors with Press-Fit Terminals
We use Press-Fit technology to create connectors and headers that make custom interconnects directly from the PCB to a mating connector.

Press-Fit Module and Sensor Enclosures
Manufacturers utilize our solderless Press-Fit technology in a variety of control modules and sensors. Our technology helps customers design-in low-cost, high-quality products by seamlessly integrating the complete connection system into the enclosure package, eliminating the need for secondary soldering operations.

Card Edge SMT Press-Fit Connector System
Interplex’s SMT card edge connector system employs a discrete SMT component, creating a solderless Press-Fit card edge connector system for daughter card applications. It uses Interplex-tested and proven 0.4mm or 0.64mm Press-Fit product technology. Automotive manufacturers utilize Press-Fit technology in control modules, switches, fuse receptacles, junction boxes, hybrid inverters, a myriad of sensor and connector applications, and other engine and passenger compartment applications. Our solderless Press-Fit technology is fully tested to meet the automotive industry’s stringent operating requirements for vibration and temperature.

Features of Our Press-Fit Technology

  • Press-Fit zones: 0.4mm, 0.64mm, 0.8mm, and 1.2mm
  • Terminal sizes: Industry standard sizes (0.64mm, 1.5mm, 2.8mm, and 6.3mm) and custom sizes both available
  • Temperature: Qualified to 125°C and 150°C operational temperatures, with options up to 175°C
  • High conductive material options from 13-80% IACS
  • Compatible with Tin, Silver, Gold, and OSP circuit board finishes
  • Designed for low or high-speed insertion
  • Standard and high-performance alloy options
  • Flexible tooling for low-cost variations