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Sustainable Energy Initiative

Saving Energy for a Sustainable Environment

The demand for energy is increasing globally, with developed countries consuming the highest amounts of energy and developing countries increasing demands for it. According to IEA, in 2018, energy demand worldwide grew by 2.3% and electricity accounts for 20% of the total final consumption of energy.

The main reasons for the increase in demand for electrical energy are due to the growing world population and increasing standards of living, particularly in developing countries.

Electrical Energy Shifts Towards Renewable Sources

As electrical energy demand escalates worldwide, the supply which depends on fossil fuels and concerns about rising carbon dioxide emissions contributing to possible global warming, became a topic where sustainability is fast becoming an ethical norm. This has led to a widespread support towards the adoption of renewables, and according to the Sustainable Development Scenario, it projects that two-thirds of the electricity supply worldwide will come from renewable energy sources by 2040.

With the shift towards the use of cleaner energy to reduce carbon emissions, on our part at Interplex, we believe we can do more in reducing our impacts to the environment.

Interplex’s Energy Efficiency Initiative

There is a fundamental attractiveness towards the adoption of clean energy for electricity, and we believe we should do more in saving electrical energy which not only reduces our carbon footprints but has cost benefits.

Solar Energy

One of the world’s most used renewable power sources is solar power. In fact, it is the fastest growing renewable power source over the last 5 years. In our move towards clean, renewable energy, Interplex is expanding our solar energy production to power our facilities by ramping up the installation of solar panels across our global sites. Besides being a cost-effective energy option, the adoption of solar energy enables us to limit greenhouse gas emissions and shrink our carbon footprint.

We have set out to accomplish the following goals:

  • Offset 4,118 tonnes of CO2 by end of fiscal year 2022

Energy Efficiency

With the aim for Interplex to move towards becoming an energy efficient company, we started phasing out energy inefficient light bulbs across all our global facilities as a first step towards this target. In replacement of these bulbs, we introduced the use of an energy efficient substitute – LED lighting.

We have set out to accomplish the following goals:
  • Convert all our global facilities to 100% LED lighting by the end of fiscal year 2022
  • Attain 5% energy savings across our global facilities by end of fiscal year 2022
  • Reduce the lighting electricity consumption to 75MWh by end of fiscal year 2022, based on 2019’s lighting electricity consumption of 1507MWh

Latest Updates

Solar Energy​

As of FY 2021, 37% of our facilities in China have solar panels installed and 1 of our facility in Southeast Asia will be installing solar panels by 1st quarter 2022.

Energy Efficiency

As of FY 2021, 50% of our global facilities have 100% converted to LED lighting systems. Across our global facilities, we have converted 72% to LED lighting.

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