Cell-PLX™ Customized Battery Interconnect Systems

Interplex’s Cell-PLX™ customizable battery interconnect system is designed to adapt to your specific application needs. It is suitable for Lithium-ion battery cells in cylindrical, pouch and prismatic battery module designs, with robust packaging formats for high-vibration environments.

Flexibility and customization are key to enabling various design configurations. Cell-PLX™ is not a simplistic, off-the-shelf product; it is a tailor-made interconnect solution that delivers what you need. Its high-precision elements seamlessly integrate into an organized system, truly delivering a reliable battery interconnect system that caters to your battery design requirements.

Features & Benefits


Customized single/multi-layer current collector designs.

Current Capacities

Supports a wide range of current densities and cell array configurations.

Tolerance Control

Metal current collectors manufactured with tight tolerance.

Cells Connections

Supports various attachment options like laser welding or wire bonding.

Withstanding Vibration

Robust packaging formats for high-vibration environments.

Module Connection

Multiple module-to-module connection options.


Seamless integration of passive and active components for safety and cell monitoring.


Quick time-to-market; vertically integrated in-house production capabilities supporting high-speed, high-volume assembly.

Types of Applications

Below are the types of applications that Cell PLX Battery Interconnect System is suited for:



Electric vehicles (EVs)
and automotive power systems

Commercial Transportation

Buses, Trains, Subway systems

Personal Mobility

Motorcycles, Electric Scooters, Bicycles


Electric boats, Vessels


Wind Energy storage,
Solar Energy storage


Light trucks, Tractor trailers

Cell-PLX™ Customizable Features


ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Current CollectorsAL1100, C1100, NIckel
Dielectric LayersPlastic Resin:
PPA, PC/ABS, Nylon 6, XAREC, Noryl, Lupoy,
Thin Film:
Polyimide, Nomex, Lexan, Mylar,
Epoxy in various thicknesses
Battery Cell HolderC510 phosphor bronze, beryllium copper
Lead FramePPA, PC/ABS, Nylon 6, PA66, PBTService temperature of plastics ≤130°C
Surface Treatment of Current CollectorNickel plating optionFor anti-corrosion and welding purposes
Flammability RatingUL 94 V-0For battery cell holder and dielectric layers
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Battery Cell TypesCylindrical, prismatic, pouch 
Battery Module Connection TypesNut/bolt, pin/socket, customized configurations possible
Current Collector Sizes (W x L)100 x 100mm – 500 x 900mm
Current Collector Thickness0.254 – 3mm
Cell Terminal Thickness 0.125 – 0.3mm Laser Weld: Terminal thickness <0.3mm
Wire Bond: Various thicknesses possible
Cell Terminal Positional Tolerance:±0.127mm
Dielectric Layer Thickness0.127 – 0.3mm Pressure-sensitive and thermal-activated adhesive
Lead Frame Thickness0.64mm typical    For battery cell holder and dielectric layers
ParameterTypical Value RangeRemarks
Battery Module Voltage12 – 120V
Battery Module Capacity50 – 400Ah
Battery Module Energy0.60 – 48kWh
Module-to-module Connections<400A, off-shelf or customized
Current Density<15A/mm², maintaining <60°C with cooling
Dielectric Strength of Insulation Materials<7.5kV/0.025mm, ASTM D149
Dielectric Continuous Use Temperature<220°C
Voltage Sense Line<2A, 50V Cable, flex circuit, overmolded lead frame.
Temperature Sensing4.7kΩ at 25°C, thermistor placement
Overload Condition<200% for 10s without degradation


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