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Electrification of Vehicles
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The rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is being hailed as a major step away from dependence on fossil fuels and alleviation of detrimental environmental impacts. From a technology standpoint, the enablement of EVs requires some fundamental shifts in the underlying capabilities, especially with regard to power inverter devices, battery subsystems and high-current busbar connectors. In addition to these core powertrain-related arenas, the shift towards EV systems also requires tight integration of many other functions, such as acceleration sensors, wheel sensors, braking functions, just to name a few.

As a multi-technological solutions provider trusted by top-tier companies, Interplex is able to design, develop and produce customized solutions for the growing EV market. We understand that vehicle manufacturers need to rely on an evolving supply chain of targeted solutions that offer the performance, reliability and configurability to support rapid design and introduction of new developments, all while keeping costs competitive.


Electronic Modules & Packaging

Interplex offers complete solutions from concept through development and into scalable high-volume production of electronic modules for almost any electronic packaging application.

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Power Lead Frames

Interplex’s global leadership in the power module industry has primarily focused on customizing and producing power lead frames, Press-Fit solderless interconnects, high-current busbar interfaces and integrated packaging for power module makers.

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A global leader in solderless Press-Fit Technology, Interplex has been producing Press-Fits for top-tier customers for over a decade. We are a global innovator, adapting Press-Fit technology for a wide range of industry-specific applications.

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