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Interplex Expands Global Capacity for IndiCoat™

Whisker Mitigation Electroplating Technology

SINGAPORE (August 25, 2020) — Interplex, a leading provider of customized interconnect, high precision and mechanical application solutions, has announced the expanded availability of proven IndiCoat™ technology – an industry-leading whisker mitigation electroplating process, to meet growing demands globally.

After two years of offering IndiCoat™ as a whisker mitigation plating solution for Interplex press-fit interconnects for the automotive industry, Interplex has experienced a dramatic increase in market demand. It is evident that customers are widely adopting IndiCoat™ as a cost-effective whisker mitigation approach for all press-fit applications.

In response to this exponentially growing market demand, Interplex is ramping up capacity for delivering approximately 1.5 billion press-fit connector pins in Europe by mid-2021, with an expansion plan to reach 5 billion press-fit connector pins by the end of 2023. Overall global capacity is being managed to provide sufficient IndiCoat™ plating capacity to meet the growing requirements in Europe, North America and Asia. Plating options will be available locally to minimize delivery time and disruption and logistic costs. These plating lines will be capable of plating all versions of Interplex press-fit connectors, from single pin 0.4mm through 0.64, 0.8 and 1.2mm. In addition, these flexible production lines include adaptability for selective plating of complex geometries such as lead-frames.

Tin whiskers pose electrical reliability risks in the form of potential short circuits. IndiCoat™ was developed as a whisker mitigating plating chemistry to supplement or replace existing tin-based chemistry. Interplex has completed accelerated life testing of IndiCoat™ in comparison to tin plating options with outstanding results. Featuring the new proprietary chemical solution designed to produce a uniform satin-matte finish that has low friction, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, low melting point, and the capability of forming strong welding with many metals and alloys. IndiCoat™ is available in high-speed reel-to-reel plating for large production volumes and supports plating on thin and thick layers.

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