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Effective power distribution is the backbone of an Electric Vehicle (EV), and is vital to ensuring electrical efficiency for its entire system.

These systems range from small quality-of-life features all the way to the vehicle’s primary drive train – as you can see from these application examples.
Smaller low-voltage
motors (such as EPS steering and other motion-control needs - like suspension)
In-wheel motors with axial flux designs
(for individual wheels)
Large high voltage and low voltage traction
drive motor applications with hairpin windings
(most common)

Interplex Motor Stator Busbars:

Inspired by your creativity

We recognize that each EV maker has a unique engineering vision, which means every Busbar design is different.

Looking to deliver the specialized support that you deserve, we have made our Motor Stator Busbars 100% customizable to your unique end application. Our Busbar incorporates flexible multiphase connectors that allow a perfect fit with your design. This enables it to deliver the highest electrical performance with the lowest space and weight requirement.

Interplex Multiphase Stator Busbars can be customized to seamlessly fit your EV application

Full 360° Design

Quadrant or Semi-circle Design

Built to Interplex quality standards

We engineered our Motor Stator Busbar to deliver top performance in harsh conditions, selecting high-quality materials that deliver the best mix of:

Thermal characteristics

Electrical performance

Chemical resistance

Material Strength

Our one-piece solution also eliminates wiring errors and reduces assembly time, lowering overall cost and risk.

We offer more than just a quality product

Our team will also work closely with your engineers from design to prototyping, testing and manufacturing to optimize your designs for manufacturability, electrical efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Let’s fast-track your Motor Stator Busbars design cycle!

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