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At Interplex, We Make Possible. With a multi-technology approach and global reach, we deliver optimum solutions to your end applications, anywhere.

Interplex is built on technological excellence and profound understanding of your requirements, backed by our multi-technology portfolio, global design services, and manufacturing capabilities to create custom solutions.


Interplex’s commitment to innovation puts you in the driver’s seat to navigate the waves of innovation sweeping the automotive industry. Our experts are consistently solving complex challenges, such as scaling up battery performance for increased range and integrating onboard sensor networks for driver-assisted or autonomous operation.

Information & Communication Technology

Interplex technology plays a vital role in enabling solutions that span the whole spectrum of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), from network systems that provide the global ICT backbone to the application servers that deliver content, and mobile devices where content is consumed.

Medical & Life Sciences

Interplex’s mission to design and deliver technologically advanced healthcare equipment and medical devices is supported by our dedicated, experienced team of engineers and researchers. Our medical innovations and breakthroughs are revolutionizing the world of Medical and Life Sciences.

General Industrial

Interplex takes a holistic approach to product design and business objectives. We combine precision engineering expertise and a range of related technologies, along with end-to-end design and manufacturing services to deliver complex, cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of applications.

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