Flight Systems

In this day and age, civil aviation makes use of a large number and variety of systems to not only assist pilots in carrying out their tasks efficiently and effectively, but to also ensure the safety and the comfort of all passengers on-board.

These systems— such as navigation, communication and control systems, to name a few— are becoming increasingly complex due to their improved capabilities. Modern technology has enabled the electrification of critical functions or reliable hydraulic actuators.

As a multi-technological custom applications specialist, Interplex is dedicated to providing customized solutions for flight systems. Being EN9100 certified, we are trusted by top-tier customers to deliver high-quality solutions that effectively meet the stringent requirements of the aeronautical industry.

Electrical System Solutions

Electrical systems are undoubtedly crucial in civilian aircrafts, with over 500 km of electric cables used per aircraft, this business is key in the Aerospace industry. Our expertise in electrical system solutions, coupled with our integrated full suite of capabilities and expansive global footprint, enable us to develop innovative, high-quality connector solutions for top-tier OEMs within very short lead times.

Interplex’s customized connectors play an integral part in the transmission of data in aircraft electrical systems. Lightweight, compact, and vibration-resistant, they assure excellent electrical performance even in the harshest conditions.Our customized connectors provide good mating retention for reliable connections, with numerous configurations for pin count and pitch options, current carrying capacities, pin orientations (vertical/right angles) and wire sizes.

Our Press-Fit technology enables reliable solderless connections for customized applications in various sizes, materials, plating options and delivery formats. As a global leader in solderless Press-Fit technology, billions of our Press-Fits are in the field.

Fluid System Solutions

Aerospace fluid systems are critical in various domains and locations throughout the aircraft; they transport fuel to engines, hydraulic fluids to actuators, and bring pressurized cabin air to passengers, crew and pilots. From sealed vessels to pressure-containing pipes, down to the connecting joints and fastening solutions, a well-designed fluid system with high-quality components that work harmoniously together is important to prevent system overheating, unwanted and unnecessary loss of pressure, and fluid contamination.

Interplex co-designs and develops customized solutions that ensure the aerospace fluid systems function as they should— examples include fastening and clamping clips for these mission-critical equipment and pipes.