The increase in global air traffic and frequency is influential in shaping the competitive landscape for civil aviation. Competition between commercial airlines continues to be fierce; with the limits of long-haul flights being continuously stretched, cabin equipment and passenger comfort become exceptionally important differentiators in the industry.

Cabin interior products span across a wide range of end applications such as: Passenger service units for infotainment, ergonomic seats for value-added comfort, and galleys, lavatories and monuments such as functional stowage/closets for accessibility.


Interplex offers innovative solutions for ergonomic seating that enables the end user to optimize use of the surrounding personal space. Our lightweight Aluminum designs reduce the weight of the seating equipment without compromising performance or passenger comfort.

We are dedicated to supporting top-tier customers in their new developments by offering product design and industrialization expertise. In addition, our prototyping capabilities are well-equipped to produce prototypes for design iterations in short lead times, reducing overall time to market for these modern solutions.