Propulsion systems represent 1/3 of the cost of a civil aircraft. Turbofan jet engines generate power for the aircraft and provide the thrust required for its propulsion. The gas turbine engine within generates mechanical energy from combustion, and the ducted fan uses this mechanical energy to accelerate air rearwards in the same way a propeller does.

Engines and Equipment

Jet engines are mission-critical to the safe and successful operation of aircrafts; they must function reliably and should maintain efficient levels of fuel consumption and low levels of emissions to the environment. Reliability for this end-application is imperative, especially with modern aircrafts soaring to high altitudes and with temperatures inside jet engines reaching up to 1700°C.

Interplex’s customized solutions use high-performance super alloys such as Inconel and Hastelloy, which have excellent mechanical strength and outstanding thermal resistance. This ensures our high-quality solutions perform reliably even in the most demanding high-temperature conditions.

In addition, our automated production processes for both large and small volume production runs equips us to provide cost-effective and high-precision deep drawn solutions to top-tier customers.