Interplex Technology Drives the Automotive Market

The global automotive market is one of today’s most exciting and challenging industry segments, with dynamic waves of innovation and change such as electrification of vehicles, autonomous driving, improving safety, reducing pollution, and enhancing riders’ experience.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Interplex has a long track record as a trusted partner and constant innovator within the automotive market. We are a key player in creating new solutions for power management, motor interfaces, batteries, sensors, and custom interconnects to bring it all together.

High-Voltage Powertrain

Applications include:
Electric Traction Motor (E-Motor)
Power Electronics Controller (Inverter)
DC-to-DC Converter
On-Board Charger (OBC)
Electric Transmission / E-Axel
Battery Pack

Hybrid & ICE Powertrain

Applications include:
48V Electric
Power Solutions

Autonomous Driving

Applications include:
ADAS Computer

Connected Mobility

Applications include:
Central Gateway
V2X Connectivity Control Unit
Map & Positioning Module
L2/L2 + Smart ECU

Future Vehicle Concepts

Applications include:
Seats & Seat Belts
Flexible Floor Systems
Airbag Control Unit
Driver Monitoring System
Safety Restraint Control Unit
Multi-Technology Automotive Solutions
Multi-Technology Automotive Solutions
Our technological excellence in interconnects, high precision engineering, and mechanical design provides a holistic approach that accelerates progress and creates leaders in the global automotive market.

Interconnect Technology

We bring unmatched capabilities in interconnect design and manufacturing to the automotive sector, including press-fit, power connectors, sensor interfaces, and custom terminals.

High-Precision Engineering

As tighter integration of automotive systems becomes more important, Interplex offers innovative excellence in high precision engineering to help create compact packaging and modules.


Amid the waves of electronics advances in the automotive industry, we have not forgotten the importance of mechanical assemblies. Our portfolio brings rich expertise in mechanical design into the mix.
Discover Other Markets
Discover Other Markets
From end to end creation, redesign, or developing a brand new concept innovation, we execute it with proven expertise and experience. Below are few of the market segments where we can apply these solutions:


We are transforming this sector with battery, power, driver-assisted operation, safety, infotainment, and autonomous systems.

Information & Communications Technology

Our solutions enable network systems in the global cloud, application servers to deliver content, and mobile devices to consume info.

Medical & Life Sciences

We enable technologically advanced health care solutions that can change the world of Medical & Life Sciences.

General Industrial

Our team of experts are always ready to co-design with your engineers to develop customized innovative solutions.
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