Autonomous Driving

Fully autonomous driving will require a complex blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing and real-time integration of multiple information streams to trigger appropriate vehicle reactions. These technologies are already evolving within driver-assist applications that are paving the road to full automation.

Enabling Autonomous Vehicles

Enabling Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous driving technologies will transform how we get from place to place, leading to improved safety, lower fuel emissions, reduced costs, and increased time efficiency both in personal use vehicles and commercial arenas such as trucking and public transportation.

After decades of serving the automotive industry, Interplex now plays a key role in developing technologies for driver-assist and fully autonomous vehicles. These include onboard sensors (RADAR and LiDAR) for gathering data on dynamically changing conditions, actuators for enabling steering and motion systems, high-performance Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and interconnect technologies for handling signals and power throughout the vehicle.

Interplex is actively involved in concepts such as sensor fusion, an important technology and packaging approach for integrating sensors with ECU processors. This tight device-level integration enables more compact onboard devices, higher performance, and improved reliability.

Market Offering

Market Offering

Read more about how Interplex’s innovative solutions are enabling the fully autonomous driving revolution.


Interplex is a leading producer of the revolutionary technology that is feeding the autonomous driving revolution, such as sensor module enclosures with connector pins and PCB interconnect solutions. Our customizable design enables automotive makers to effectively integrate EMI/RFI shielding technology and allows for a wide range of shielding, material, and integration options.


Interplex has a long track record of providing enabling technologies to create ever-smarter vehicles. Our wide range of fast, efficient signaling and power interconnect solutions support more powerful ECUs and ADAS computers. We also provide end-to-end design services for more efficient and compact module packaging to conserve space, even as processing power increases.


Sensing and Thinking start the autonomous driving process which enables a vehicle to take appropriate Actions in real-time. Failure to act or taking wrong actions can raise the potential for personal injuries and property damage. Interplex provides a range of solutions that empower action, including servo motors for steering and motion control, braking systems, and powertrain controls.
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