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ICE Powertrain

Despite the ascendency of Electric Vehicles (EVs), it is clear that Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) will continue to play an important role in global transportation through at least the next decade.

Making ICEs More Efficient

Making ICEs More Efficient

Despite Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) claiming an increasingly larger market share, many consumers are still reluctant to make the jump to electric-only cars due to concerns about range-per-charge, lack of extensive charging networks, battery life, and the cost of repair or replacement.

Traditional auto and truck manufacturers are pursuing a two-pronged strategy, developing and introducing BEVs while simultaneously improving the efficiency and minimizing the carbon footprint of existing ICEs.

As a key technology partner for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers, Interplex has a strong track record of trusted performance, excellence, and innovation. We continue to develop and collaborate on new technologies that are helping improve range, fuel efficiency, safety, and passenger comfort.

Interplex’s reputation with both traditional ICE automakers and new EV manufacturers positions us at the nexus of the transition from fossil fuels to EV platforms. We are helping accelerate the adoption of EVs while making the remaining lifecycle of ICE technologies cleaner and more efficient, critically reducing the impact of carbon emissions.

Market Offering

Market Offering

Read more about Interplex solutions that are helping extend the life and reduce the carbon impact of ICE vehicles.
Boost Pressure Sensor with Temperature Sensor Connector
Temperature Sensor Connector
Pressure Sensor Connector
High-Pressure Sensor Connector
Knock Sensor Connector
Mass Airflow Sensor Connector
Camshaft Position Sensor Connector
Discover Markets
Interconnect Technology can be applicable in various market segments in order to transform and enhance their existing technology. Below are few of the market segments where we can apply these solutions:


We are transforming transportation with battery, power, driver-assisted operation, safety, infotainment, and autonomous systems.

Information & Communications Technology

Our solutions enable network systems in the global cloud and application servers to deliver content and keep you connected.

Medical & Life Sciences

We offer technologically advanced health solutions that are revolutionizing the way the world receives care.

General Industrial

Our team of experts is always ready to co-design with your engineers to develop customized innovative solutions from the ground up.

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