Sliding Roof Window

Sliding roof windows, sometimes called sunroofs or moonroofs, are movable panels (usually made of glass) that tilt or slide over an aperture integrated into the car roof. Their sliding movement can be manually or electrically controlled, with the latter becoming increasingly popular.

It is crucial for components that make up sliding roof windows to endure the repeated sliding motion they go through in operation. Interplex’s high quality guide rails are trusted for their rigidity and reliability in such conditions.

Mounting Accessories and Guide Rails/Levers

Present in various locations throughout a car and with various end applications, examples of mounting accessories that Interplex produces include precision stamped washers and flanges; mounting clips that withstand harsh environments under the hood of a car; guide rails, slider trays and levers that provide structural integrity for power roof, window, and trunk mechanisms; and sturdy mounting brackets for radar control modules and cameras.

No matter the thickness, shape or form you need, we can precision stamp these accessories to your desired thickness and bend them to the required shapes, all while maintaining the required structural integrity for the end application.Our precision stamping processes are complemented with a comprehensive range of value-added processes such as clinch nut stacking, heat treatment, riveting and welding.