Ignition Circuit

Modern internal combustion engines use ignition circuits that ignite a fuel-air mixture by generating a spark or heating an electrode to a high temperature. The ignition circuit is made up of a battery, distributor, ignition coil, spark plugs and the necessary electrical wiring. Interplex can produce customized solutions for your ignition circuit end application, so drivers can start their drive on the right note.

Ignition Coil Enclosures

Interplex is skilled in producing parts associated with the ignition system, such as ignition coil enclosures. Our fully integrated molding capabilities enable us to provide customized solutions to top-tier automotive companies according to their end applications. All stages of the molding process— from computer-aided design through tool-making and production to assembly— are controlled in-house. No matter what shape, size or form is required, we can turn your designs into a reality.