Pedals are foot-operator levers located beneath the steering wheel that are used by the driver to control the movement of the vehicle, causing it to go faster, slow down or stop. There are different types of pedals: Accelerator, brake and sometimes clutch pedals.

Interplex can customize various parts of the pedals—from the pad, to the arm and the hinge, to deliver quality pedal solutions for your end application. Our global footprint ensures that no matter where you are, we can provide these customized application solutions close to you.

Pedal Solutions

Interplex is skilled in producing parts associated with accelerator and brake pedal sub-systems. From pedal hinges to pedal pads, our fully integrated molding capabilities enable us to provide customized solutions to top-tier automotive companies according to their end applications.

We are 100% dedicated to delivering high quality, reliable plastic molded products to our valued customers. All stages of the molding process— from computer-aided design through tool-making and production to assembly— are controlled in-house.


Interplex’s Press-Fit technology establishes solderless electro-mechanical connections with plated-through holes on printed circuit boards. These repeatable and reliable connection joints perform well even in harsh environments, and can manifest in a myriad of forms such as connector headers and customized overmolded electronic enclosures.

Extending across a multitude of industries, possible end applications include power distribution, actuator controls, automotive body control modules, solar panels, watches, passenger comfort and infotainment switches, airbag ECU safety solutions, and much more.

Interplex offers a wide spectrum of options: Choose from different materials, plating options, and even designs. From the low force eye-of-the-needle available in various sizes, to the hybrid MiniPLX perfect for high density signal and power applications, and even customizable options for dual-ended/SMT/IDC integrated Press-Fits.