Powertrain Control Module

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is a combined control unit that consists of the engine control unit and the transmission control unit. The primary inputs to the PCM come from a multitude of sensors in numerous locations around the car. As an on-board control system, it alerts the driver if anything is amiss via warning signs on the dashboard.

As the PCM is a mission-critical sub-system for vehicle performance and a safe driving experience, reliability and durability are of utmost importance. This is why top-tier automotive customers trust Interplex’s customized PCM solutions for their end application needs.

ECU Connectors

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) connectors are integral in controlling embedded automotive systems for a multitude of end applications. Interplex’s ECU connectors are designed to withstand harsh environments in fuel injection and engine control, braking (ABS) and acceleration systems, power steering and towing modules, just to name a few.

Powertrain Control Unit Solutions

Interplex’s powertrain control unit solutions are trusted by top-tier automotive companies worldwide. We can customize solutions for you to suit your end applications— for example, electric fuel propulsion modules that optimize automobile efficiency. Our full suite of capabilities enable us to reliably precision stamp metal terminals and Press-Fits, plate them to your requirements, insert mold plastic, and assemble them together.