Start Stop System

A start stop system automatically shuts down the internal combustion engine when the car is stationary, and restarts it when the driver is ready to move again— either by engaging the clutch or releasing the brake. This reduces the amount of time the engine spends idling, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Such clean idling technology is becoming increasingly common across the board. Being a dynamic system where reliability is key, top-tier automotive customers trust us to produce customized connectors with consistently dependable performance even in such high frequency usage environments.

Start Stop System Connectors

Interplex’s start stop system connectors are integral in transmitting electrical signals within power modules in modern automotive start stop systems. Not only are we able to offer precision stamping and reel-to-reel overmolding services to our valued customers, we can also customise your start stop system connectors with different pin counts, angles, and molded body shapes.