Brake Booster

Just as power steering assists steering, brake boosters assists braking. A brake booster uses vacuum from the engine intake to overcome the high fluid pressure in a car’s braking system. With a brake booster, the force the driver needs to exert on the brake pedal is lessened when applying the brakes.

Interplex’s customized sensor connectors are trusted by top-tier automotive customers to ensure that the brake booster and braking system can perform reliably, ensuring a safe drive for all on board.

Sensor Connectors

Sensors are the link between electronic equipment and conditions in the physical world. Interplex’s sensor connectors are designed and built to enable sensor solutions in various domains and end applications such as powertrain, safety and steering.

Interplex specializes in developing and producing sensor connectors that support the industry trend of increased sensor content in cars. Being vertically integrated, we are well equipped to turn your sensor connectors into a reality: From core processes such as precision stamping terminals and Press-Fit pins, plastic molding (insert molding and pre-molding), and value-added processes such as welding and plating— we’ve got you covered.