Headlights are fixed lamps attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead. They are crucial especially when visibility is poor, such as during heavy downpours or when driving at night. Aside from illuminating the road in front of the driver when it is dark, it also shows other motorists that the car is present.

There are different types of headlights: Halogen, HID (High Intensity Discharge), LED, and laser headlights, and Interplex’s headlight solutions can be customized for your specific end application needs. Our diverse portfolio encompasses solder-bearing products, terminals, connector headers and heat sinks, just to name a few.

Connector Headers

Connector headers are electrical connectors with one or more rows of male pins spaced apart within an insert molded body. Interplex’s connector headers provide good mating retention for reliable connections in a large variety of end applications and sub-systems, and we can support you every step of the way with numerous pin count and pitch options, current carrying capacities, pin orientations (vertical/right angles) and wire sizes.

Our full suite of capabilities enable us to reliably precision stamp metal and mold plastic (pre-molding, overmolding and insert molding) that is required for connector headers. These processes are complemented with a comprehensive range of value-added processes such as plating and potting.

Heat Sinks

Interplex’s heat sinks provide effective thermal management solutions for high-power applications and are trusted by top-tier automotive companies for applications such as heat dissipation within high-temperature headlights.

Our full suite of capabilities enables us to customize heat sinks to your specific requirements and end applications, and we can truly achieve 3D-design and alignment of the heat sinks we produce. Fins can be pre-shaped and contours defined during our high-precision stamping process, after which they are bent to configure the air flow path required. We also offer a variety of joining methods of the fins to the base plate such as welding, riveting, and other mechanical joining methods.

Motor Connectors

Interplex’s motor connectors cater to various end applications across multiple automotive sub-systems. We are well equipped to precision stamp metal and mold plastic (pre-molding, overmolding and insert molding) to adhere to your motor connector requirements. These manufacturing processes are complemented by value-added processes such as plating, heat staking and soldering.

Our full suite of capabilities enable us to customize a myriad of motor connectors for different end applications— from voltage regulator brush holders to power window brush holders, to clutch actuators and windshield wiper motor applications.

Solder and Flux Bearing Edge Clips

Interplex’s Solder and Flux Bearing Edge Clips are high quality interconnects that have pre-incorporated precise amounts of solder and flux within. Available in different sizes, materials, solder and flux specifications, our products have been proven to deliver 100% solderability while eliminating expensive and variable secondary processes.

Our solder bearing technology not only improves soldering results and streamlines production processes, but they are suitable for a wide range of applications— from pressure transducers in exhaust gas systems to igniter module circuits for High Intensity Discharge headlights, vehicle stability control and braking systems, power steering, and much more.


Interplex’s terminals are trusted by top-tier automotive companies for a myriad of end applications within cars. Available options include terminal pins, clips and contacts, and these can be delivered to you in various forms— singulated or in strips.

Our terminals are used in many end applications such as: Within plug-in relays, as interconnects between PCB and relays, within various ECUs, as motor/harness connectors to infotainment systems and power windows, and between user interface switches to their respective sub-systems (such as headlights, air-conditioners).

Our full suite of capabilities enables us to precision stamp and plate intricate terminals in various shapes and sizes to fulfil your end application needs. Our in-house skiving equipment can also contour metal thicknesses and configurations as required.