On-board Diagnostics Hardware

On-board Diagnostics (OBD) describes the capability of vehicles to continually test themselves and their environment with regards to a prescribed behavior or programmed outcomes. These systems provide real-time electronic control unit (ECU) data to the driver, and allows access to this data for drivers or repair technicians to identify malfunctions in the vehicle.

Connector Headers

Connector headers are electrical connectors with one or more rows of male pins spaced apart within an insert molded body. Interplex’s connector headers provide good mating retention for reliable connections in a large variety of end applications and sub-systems, and we can support you every step of the way with numerous pin count and pitch options, current carrying capacities, pin orientations (vertical/right angles) and wire sizes.

Our full suite of capabilities enable us to reliably precision stamp metal and mold plastic (pre-molding, overmolding and insert molding) that is required for connector headers. These processes are complemented with a comprehensive range of value-added processes such as plating and potting.