Rear View Mirror

Rear view mirrors are small angled mirrors fixed inside the windscreen of a vehicle. They are adjustable to different heights and viewing angles, and enable the driver to see through the rear windshield to observe vehicles or roads behind. Some rear view mirrors have additional features or functions such as anti-glare or automatic dimming.

Interplex specializes in precision interconnects for rear view mirrors and the harnesses that connect them.

Pin-through-paste Tabs

Interplex can customize, stamp and plate pin-through-paste tabs that enable connections between crimped wires and PCBs in various end applications— for example, smart rear view mirrors. Our designs offer mounting strength and connection reliability, and tab support options are available for better stability and alignment during soldering.


Interplex’s Press-Fit technology establishes solderless electro-mechanical connections with plated-through holes on printed circuit boards. These repeatable and reliable connection joints perform well even in harsh environments, and can manifest in a myriad of forms such as connector headers and customized overmolded electronic enclosures.

Extending across a multitude of industries, possible end applications include power distribution, actuator controls, automotive body control modules, solar panels, watches, passenger comfort and infotainment switches, airbag ECU safety solutions, and much more.

Interplex offers a wide spectrum of options: Choose from different materials, plating options, and even designs. From the low force eye-of-the-needle available in various sizes, to the hybrid MiniPLX perfect for high density signal and power applications, and even customizable options for dual-ended/SMT/IDC integrated Press-Fits.


Interplex’s terminals are trusted by top-tier automotive companies for a myriad of end applications within cars. Available options include terminal pins, clips and contacts, and these can be delivered to you in various forms— singulated or in strips.

Our terminals are used in many end applications such as: Within plug-in relays, as interconnects between PCB and relays, within various ECUs, as motor/harness connectors to infotainment systems and power windows, and between user interface switches to their respective sub-systems (such as headlights, air-conditioners).

Our full suite of capabilities enables us to precision stamp and plate intricate terminals in various shapes and sizes to fulfil your end application needs. Our in-house skiving equipment can also contour metal thicknesses and configurations as required.