Seat Belt

Seat belts are life-saving devices designed to secure occupants of a vehicle to restrain them against harmful movement— such as secondary impacts with interior strike hazards, or ejection from the vehicle— that may result during collisions or sudden stops.

Interplex’s seat belt solutions have improved part integrity and strength for all-important seat belt applications. As seat belts are mission-critical to driver and passenger safety, top-tier automotive customers trust our high quality products to consistently deliver the performance required, when it is required.

Seat Belt Solutions

Interplex offers precision stamped and cold forged seat belt solutions customized to your specific requirements. Our seat belt covers are stamped to exacting specifications to offer protection for seat belt control units. Our seat belt gears and pinions are cold forged and laser welded for improved part integrity and strength, enabling them to reliably translate rotational movement within the seat belt safety system.