Electric Power Steering

Power steering systems supplement the torque that the driver applies to the steering wheel to augment steering effort. This is done by use of hydraulic or electric actuators to add controlled energy to the steering mechanism.

Traditional power steering systems are hydraulic systems, but electric power steering (EPS) is becoming much more common. EPS uses an electric motor, instead of a hydraulic pressure pump, to apply torque to the steering column, assisting the driver to turn the steering wheel. Information about the steering wheel position and driver inputs are gathered by sensors, which determine how much torque should be applied.

Interplex’s EPS products can be customized to your stringent end application requirements, and are trusted by top-tier automotive companies to consistently deliver the performance required.


Busbars are the backbones for power applications across industries and a mainstay in electrical power distribution, conversion and management devices. They provide critical interfaces between power modules and the external systems these modules drive— for example, power steering ECUs, fuse and relay boxes, and DC-DC inverters in EV and HEV engines.

Interplex’s busbars are excellent for power intensive applications and are customizable to suit your current transmission requirements and performance specifications. Possible options include laminated/insulated busbars, flexible busbars, multi-layer molded busbars, and busbars integrated with high-force Press-Fit solderless interconnects.

No matter the thickness, shape or form you need, Interplex can stamp busbars to your desired thickness, bend them to the required shapes, plate them in a variety of materials, all while maintaining high performance standards and required structural integrity.

Connector Headers

Connector headers are electrical connectors with one or more rows of male pins spaced apart within an insert molded body. Interplex’s connector headers provide good mating retention for reliable connections in a large variety of end applications and sub-systems, and we can support you every step of the way with numerous pin count and pitch options, current carrying capacities, pin orientations (vertical/right angles) and wire sizes.

Our full suite of capabilities enable us to reliably precision stamp metal and mold plastic (pre-molding, overmolding and insert molding) that is required for connector headers. These processes are complemented with a comprehensive range of value-added processes such as plating and potting.

ECU Connectors

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) connectors are integral in controlling embedded automotive systems for a multitude of end applications. Interplex’s ECU connectors are designed to withstand harsh environments in fuel injection and engine control, braking (ABS) and acceleration systems, power steering and towing modules, just to name a few.

Being vertically integrated, Interplex is well equipped to stamp terminals, selectively plate them as required, and insert mold them in your desired densities within sturdy plastic enclosures. Our global footprint ensures that no matter where you are, we can provide these customized application solutions close to you.

Power Lead Frames

Interplex’s power lead frames are designed to specific customer and end application requirements, and can incorporate interconnect systems within a single lead frame assembly. Our lead frames portfolio spans across various end applications such as battery management systems and power steering.

Being vertically integrated, we are well equipped to precision stamp terminals, plate them as required, and insert mold them in your desired densities in sturdy plastic lead frames. Our global footprint ensures that no matter where you are, we can provide these customized application solutions close to you.


Interplex’s Press-Fit technology establishes solderless electro-mechanical connections with plated-through holes on printed circuit boards. These repeatable and reliable connection joints perform well even in harsh environments, and can manifest in a myriad of forms such as connector headers and customized overmolded electronic enclosures. Extending across a multitude of industries, possible end applications include power distribution, actuator controls, automotive body control modules, solar panels, watches, passenger comfort and infotainment switches, airbag ECU safety solutions, and much more. Interplex offers a wide spectrum of options: Choose from different materials, plating options, and even designs. From the low force eye-of-the-needle available in various sizes, to the hybrid MiniPLX perfect for high density signal and power applications, and even customizable options for dual-ended/SMT/IDC integrated Press-Fits.


Interplex’s terminals are trusted by top-tier automotive companies for a myriad of end applications within cars. Available options include terminal pins, clips and contacts, and these can be delivered to you in various forms— singulated or in strips.

Our terminals are used in many end applications such as: Within plug-in relays, as interconnects between PCB and relays, within various ECUs, as motor/harness connectors to infotainment systems and power windows, and between user interface switches to their respective sub-systems (such as headlights, air-conditioners).

Our full suite of capabilities enables us to precision stamp and plate intricate terminals in various shapes and sizes to fulfil your end application needs. Our in-house skiving equipment can also contour metal thicknesses and configurations as required.