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Tailored Solutions for Targeted Industries

Industrial applications often share common design elements, including tailored electrical interconnects, high-precision custom components, and application-specific mechanical designs. Interplex engineers are skilled across all these disciplines, allowing us to apply our expertise across a wide range of markets.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Interplex has a long track record as a trusted innovation partner. From design to production, we work closely with you to turn your vision for targeted industrial requirements into reality, using a holistic, multi-technology approach.

Imaging & Printing

Applications include:
Ink-jet Printers
Laser Printers


Applications include:
Civil Aviation & Urban Air Mobility (UAM)


Interplex provides Industrial solutions used in new generation residential buildings, infrastructure, automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process controls, power generation and transmission.

White Goods

For decades, Interplex has been enabling new innovations in White Goods by providing our customers with a wide range of electronics, mechanical, packaging and vertical integration technologies.

We Make Things Possible
We Make Things Possible
Discover how our technologies and comprehensive design services can help you create ground-breaking products for your specific applications.

Interconnect Technology

Interconnects provide the essential electrical and signaling interfaces throughout systems and devices. Interplex leads the way with robust, customizable solutions.

High-Precision Engineering

Our high precision engineering expertise enables complex electro-mechanical devices, from printers and copiers to aviation flight systems.


Interplex is experienced in mechanical design, materials science, and thermals that play important roles in design and production of advanced industrial systems across market segments.
Discover Other Markets
Discover Other Markets
From end to end creation, redesign, or developing a brand new concept innovation, we execute it with proven expertise and experience. Below are few of the market segments where we can apply these solutions:


We are transforming this sector with battery, power, driver-assisted operation, safety, infotainment, and autonomous systems.

Information & Communications Technology

Our solutions enable network systems in the global cloud, application servers to deliver content, and mobile devices to consume info.

Medical & Life Sciences

We enable technologically advanced health care solutions that can change the world of Medical & Life Sciences.

General Industrial

Our team of experts are always ready to co-design with your engineers to develop customized innovative solutions.

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