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The global ICT infrastructure comprises of around 100 million servers that are connected via complex networking configurations. Depending on each system’s role, such as backbone nodes versus edge servers, they may be optimized for different characteristics, but all need to deliver robust performance and high uptime.

Enabling the ICT Backbone Structure

Enabling the ICT Backbone Structure

Over recent years, video conferencing, streaming services, e-commerce, home-delivery platforms, supply chain logistics management, and virtual heath care applications have operated at record high levels that threaten to strain the internet’s overall capacity. This unplanned stress testing, combined with the upgrades to 5G mobile, have underscored the need to improve and expand information and communications technology infrastructure.

As an already trusted supplier and technology innovation partner for many top communications and computing equipment manufacturers, Interplex is accelerating the next wave of infrastructure evolution. Our global manufacturing and logistics footprint means we can bring solutions to wherever you are, and scale them up to fit your supply needs.

Whether your challenges are in higher density interconnects, custom high-speed connectors, module level integration or innovative new enclosures, power sources, cooling, and thermal solutions, Interplex has a solution. We have a proven track record in creating customized products and innovative design approaches to fit your exact needs.

Market Offering

Market Offering

Our “We Make Possible” philosophy is the driving force behind targeted new product solutions that cover the range of ICT infrastructure requirements.

IT Infrastructure

Our solutions provide the physical form factors needed to enclose, protect, and cool networked systems in ICT environments.

Electrical Infrastructure

Interplex’s unmatched range of interconnects, terminals and modules enable robust electrical and signaling infrastructure.

Mechanical Infrastructure

We make complex mechanical infrastructure solutions possible with our extensive design, integration, and production expertise.

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