Since its inception in 2007, the global smartphone market has grown from non-existent to a value of $700 billion in 2020, representing more than 1.2 billion individual shipments. With an estimated growth rate above 11 percent, it is projected to reach $1,350 billion by 2026. Interplex’s advanced technologies are fueling this expansion and enabling the innovations of future, thanks to a significant market for our high-precision, miniature parts.

Putting the Future in Your Pocket

Putting the Future in Your Pocket

Although this expansive market offers lucrative opportunities for smartphone makers and service providers, the increasingly competitive environment creates pressure to continually release new features and higher-performing products. As markets become more saturated, phone manufacturers must constantly raise the bar to provide consumers with incentives to upgrade.

Interplex is a key trusted partner in the smartphone industry, providing a range of targeted, application-based solutions to help companies win the race in handheld device innovation. The unending need to pack more features into smaller packages and the global movement to 5G speeds requires constant advances in miniaturization, managing RF noise, and improving the robustness of ever smaller and faster circuity with each new generation of phones.

With a broad market view and the ability to deploy solutions anywhere in the world, Interplex’s engineers provide custom product and manufacturing techniques that are cost-effective, scalable, and nimble enough to meet changing demands of the smartphone market.

Market Offering

Market Offering

We work closely with phone makers throughout the design cycle to deliver critical internal interconnects, shielding, and other solutions for new smartphones.

Smart Phones

Interplex specializes in high-precision miniature components, selected products include speaker contacts, battery contacts, battery venting, switches, and other high-precision component.

Cordless Phones

We make mechanical and other solutions possible with our extensive design, and production expertise.

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