Surgical Precision

Surgical procedures require a combination of delicate precision, high-accuracy placements, and meticulous control over instrument movements. Products must conform to the highest standards of quality, robustness, and performance, with all elements working together flawlessly to assure predictable patient outcomes.

Saving Lives with Cutting-Edge Precision

Saving Lives with Cutting-Edge Precision

Precision is a key determent of successful medical procedures, increasing the predictability of outcomes for both doctor and patients. Surgical instruments require meticulous design that allows them to perform highly specialized functions consistently and safely.

Our portfolio of customized surgical equipment solutions consists of high-precision, mission-critical components, ranging from stamping endoscopic scissor blades and stent delivery devices as well as custom connectors and cables assemblies that are used within surgical devices. Regardless of the product, our engineers are committed to innovative, cutting-edge solutions for complex, highly specific problems that ensure better outcomes for patients around the world.

Market Offering

Market Offering

Interplex works closely with medical device makers on developing the most advanced solutions to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s surgical requirements.

Surgical Equipment

Our portfolio of customized surgical equipment solutions includes critical components such as precision endoscopic scissor blades and stent delivery devices.

Neuro and Cardiovascular Interventional Devices

We support the design and manufacture of next-generation, complex catheter assemblies of all materials, including CRM, GI, occlusion, and dilation catheters.

Interconnect Solutions

Our vertically integrated design, development, and manufacturing model supports contacts, connectors and cable assemblies, fit for a wide range of both single-use and reusable medical applications, including surgery, imaging diagnostic, and patient monitoring. We offer customizable components to survive in harsh environments requiring sterilization, ingress protection, high shock and vibration, and extreme temperatures.
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