Diagnostic Imaging

Interplex is trusted by top-tier medical companies to deliver high-quality customized solutions for critical diagnostic imaging end applications. Diagnostic imaging is the technique of building visual representations of internal parts of the human body for clinical analysis and medical intervention. By revealing these internal structures hidden by skin and bones, diagnostic imaging allows doctors to look inside a patient’s body to determine his/her medical condition.

A variety of machines and techniques can be used, depending on the patient’s symptoms and the part of the body being examined. Common examples includes X-rays, Computed Tomography scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and ultrasound.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment Connectors

Interplex’s versatile connectors are excellent for data, signal, control, and power applications. Our precision-machined connectors enable fuss-free connection and disconnection of coils in diagnostic imaging equipment. Various transmission specifications are possible: Number of data signals, video signals, and magnetic and non-magnetic options.