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Interplex is operating on the leading edge of our path to a more sustainable future. Our innovative designs span the gamut of clean energy technology, including electric vehicles, battery systems, and fuel cells.

Our high-voltage and low-voltage powertrain solutions are driving a new generation of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, while our high-precision engineering is simultaneously helping to reduce carbon emissions in existing internal combustion engines.

Deployment of a Robust DC Fast Charging Infrastructure is Critical for the Widespread Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Although the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has continued to grow over recent years, some key technology initiatives are still necessary to spur widespread acceptance across a broader range of end-users. One critical element in the dev…

Electrification of EV Automobiles and Trucks Shifts into High Gear

The evolution of electronically-controlled automotive features already encompasses a variety of functions such as GPS navigation systems, anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability control, hybrid drivetrains, and tire pressure monitors. This on-going transformation of automotive technology has expanded in depth and coverage with the development of autonomous driverless cars that include…

New Electric Taxiing Systems Save Fuel While Aircraft Move on the Ground

Air travelers around the world are all too familiar with how much time an aircraft spends on the ground. Each airplane has to move away from the gate, across the tarmac and wait to get into position for takeoff on the designated runway.

Achieving Global Net-Zero Decarbonization Will Require an “All-of-the-Above” Mindset

The impacts of climate change and the need for global decarbonization are hot topics impacting policies, business decisions and personal behaviors that span virtually every country, company, and community around the world. The good news is there is now an overwhelming consensus that time is of the essence and mitigating actions are in progress for both the near-term and over the longer run.

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