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Interplex Introduces New BusMate® Pluggable Power Busbar Coupler

Streamline Assembly for High Density Power Applications Optimize for Design Flexibility, Small-Footprint, and Automated Production

SINGAPORE (February 10, 2022) Interplex, a leading provider of customized application solutions, has announced availability of the new BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler, which is designed to maximize configuration options for product engineers to integrate busbars in power devices.

BusMate® provides a compact, pluggable, and economical interface for connecting busbars to a variety of small PCBs, using either SMT or Press-Fit configurations. The technology can support a wide range of designs, including blade-to-blade, molded connectors, busbar-to-SMT and other applications. This gives engineers a highly reliable and assembly-friendly solution for new power designs.

Key features of the BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler include:

  • Small footprint: 8.4 x 6 x 9.9mm (X, Y, Z)
  • Large ampacity-to-size ratio
  • Rated up to 80 Amps, or higher by using active or passive cooling designs
  • Floating Contact Technology accommodates large assembly tolerances: +/-0.8 Mating Blade Offset or Twist
  • High temperature construction: 150°C
  • Up to three re-mate cycles
  • Configurable for: Board-to-Blade, Board-to-Board, or Blade-to-Blade

According to Joe Lynch, Product Portfolio Director, “As smaller and more powerful product designs require compact, efficient, and reliable busbar interconnects for higher power densities, the BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler is giving designers new options. BusMate®’s design flexibility and Floating Contact Technology enables usage across a wide range of requirements, while assuring excellent electrical performance and cost-effective assembly.”

BusMate® is especially helpful for applications such as motors & pumps, hybrid vehicle power systems, electric power steering, charging systems, power mechatronics, Brushless Servo Motor (BLDC) systems, Traction-Drive Inverter Busbar systems and other emerging power applications. These applications span a variety of industries including Electric Vehicles, e-Mobility, Charging Stations, Energy, Transportation, Industrial, Information & Communications Technology, and Medical & Life Sciences.

For more information about Interplex’s BusMate® solutions, please click or contact us at

Press Contacts:

Denise Chan

About Interplex
Interplex, a world leader in designing and manufacturing customized interconnect and high precision mechanical products solutions, is a go-to-source to solve complex design challenges for the mobility, medical and datacom markets. We create value by helping our customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and achieve this by leveraging our unique multidisciplinary skill set from both electro-mechanical and mechanical disciplines. Headquartered in Singapore, Interplex has more than 11,000 employees across 33 sites and 13 countries and 9 main R&D Centers where all its activities are conducted in a socially responsible way, with minimal impact on the environment. Learn more at

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