Interplex Introduces New BusMate® Pluggable Power Busbar Coupler

Streamline Assembly for High Density Power Applications Optimize for Design Flexibility, Small-Footprint, and Automated Production

SINGAPORE (February 10, 2022) Interplex, a leading provider of customized application solutions, has announced availability of the new BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler, which is designed to maximize configuration options for product engineers to integrate busbars in power devices.

BusMate® provides a compact, pluggable, and economical interface for connecting busbars to a variety of small PCBs, using either SMT or Press-Fit configurations. The technology can support a wide range of designs, including blade-to-blade, molded connectors, busbar-to-SMT and other applications. This gives engineers a highly reliable and assembly-friendly solution for new power designs.

Key features of the BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler include:

  • Small footprint: 8.4 x 6 x 9.9mm (X, Y, Z)
  • Large ampacity-to-size ratio
  • Rated up to 80 Amps, or higher by using active or passive cooling designs
  • Floating Contact Technology accommodates large assembly tolerances: +/-0.8 Mating Blade Offset or Twist
  • High temperature construction: 150°C
  • Up to three re-mate cycles
  • Configurable for: Board-to-Blade, Board-to-Board, or Blade-to-Blade

According to Joe Lynch, Product Portfolio Director, “As smaller and more powerful product designs require compact, efficient, and reliable busbar interconnects for higher power densities, the BusMate® Power Busbar Coupler is giving designers new options. BusMate®’s design flexibility and Floating Contact Technology enables usage across a wide range of requirements, while assuring excellent electrical performance and cost-effective assembly.”

BusMate® is especially helpful for applications such as motors & pumps, hybrid vehicle power systems, electric power steering, charging systems, power mechatronics, Brushless Servo Motor (BLDC) systems, Traction-Drive Inverter Busbar systems and other emerging power applications. These applications span a variety of industries including Electric Vehicles, e-Mobility, Charging Stations, Energy, Transportation, Industrial, Information & Communications Technology, and Medical & Life Sciences.

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