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Interplex’s New Cell-PLX™ Battery Interconnect Systems Streamline Custom Design and Assembly of Battery Modules

25 September 2019

Interplex, a leading provider of customized application solutions, has announced availability of the new Cell-PLX™ custom battery interconnect systems. This new technology streamlines the design and manufacturing of robust interconnects for battery modules across an extensive range of industries.

Battery module designs vary widely by manufacturer and specific application, be it for electric vehicles (EVs) and automotive power applications, land and maritime transportation, or wind energy storage. However, all of them fundamentally require robust mechanical and electrical interconnect systems to integrate and interface with the array of battery module cells.

Cell-PLX™ addresses these intricate complexities with a custom battery interconnect system that connects battery cells to current collectors, and a customizable lead frame interface to the battery management system. By tackling the full range of design requirements, it delivers a customized power solution that effectively handles the increasing variety of battery module sizes and configurations.

According to Craig Kennedy, Product Portfolio Director for Battery Interconnect Systems, “as battery applications rapidly advance, flexibility and customization is key to success. Cell-PLX™ is customizable to specific application designs. It supports various current density requirements, with single or multi-layered current collectors and dielectric layers of different thicknesses. With our advanced high-speed manufacturing processes, cell connection terminals on the current collector can be made thinner than the current collector itself. This assures a reliable weld joint to the battery cells while maintaining minimum current density requirements.”

Cell-PLX™ enables optimal positioning for mating with battery cells, improving connection quality and reliability. Its modular nature also allows for passive and active component placement, including fuses, thermistors, most positive and negative interconnects, cell holder designs, signal interconnects and harnesses or circuits connecting to the control board.

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