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Whisker Mitigation Electroplating Technology

We heard you and we have been working to expand our whisker mitigation electroplating technology portfolio. Tin whisker growth is still a concern for many and we understand new electronic systems may still be at risk imposed by tin whiskers. With new developments for modern electronic systems, and the prevalent use of tin in electronic components and circuit boards, we understand your needs for more whisker mitigation technologies.

With over 60 years of expertise, Interplex is a leading provider of customized interconnect, high precision and mechanical application solutions. We will be unveiling our new whisker mitigation plating technology, NIKCoat™, by Q1 2021.

What is NIKCoat™?

  • New duplex plating technology with additional post-treatment
  • Developed to be applied to our existing portfolio of Press-Fits or to customer-specific designs upon request
  • For the initial phase, this will be offered as a plating option starting with 0.64 PLX Press-Fit interconnects, especially for the automotive industry, or for specific customers looking for alternative options to their existing tin plating

Stay tuned to this space!

Looking to Improve The Reliability of Your Automotive Components? 

We can work with your design engineers to develop a strategy for whisker mitigation. For more information, contact us at


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