Converter / Inverter

As electrical power devices, converters and inverters deal with the conversions of direct currents (DC) and alternative currents (ACs). Inverters convert DC to AC voltage, and converters convert DC voltages to another level.

Automotive manufacturers are challenged by market trends to attain better fuel efficiencies; they turn to Interplex’s customized converter, inverter, and integrated packing solutions because they trust our high quality products to consistently deliver the performance required.


Busbars are the backbones for power applications across industries and a mainstay in electrical power distribution, conversion and management devices. They provide critical interfaces between power modules and the external systems these modules drive— for example, power steering ECUs, fuse and relay boxes, and DC-DC inverters in EV and HEV engines.

Interplex’s busbars are excellent for power intensive applications and are customizable to suit your current transmission requirements and performance specifications. Possible options include laminated/insulated busbars, flexible busbars, multi-layer molded busbars, and busbars integrated with high-force Press-Fit solderless interconnects.

No matter the thickness, shape or form you need, Interplex can stamp busbars to your desired thickness, bend them to the required shapes, plate them in a variety of materials, all while maintaining high performance standards and required structural integrity.


Interplex’s inverters are trusted in various power applications within Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.As a vertically integrated global solutions provider, we are well equipped to provide precision stamping and insert molding services close to our customers. These capabilities are complemented with a comprehensive range of value-added processes such as annealing, cleaning, and assembly.