Drug Delivery

Drug delivery encompasses various approaches, formulations, technologies and systems to transport pharmaceutical compounds in the body in the required dosages and durations to safely achieve its desired therapeutic effect. Our customized solutions for drug delivery end applications encompass both targeted delivery and sustained release formulation end applications.

Drug Delivery Pumps

Interplex produces precision mechanical components for drug delivery pumps in various sizes, materials, and slenderness ratios. From miniature linkages and pulleys, to miniscule caps and cups— deep drawn parts are our specialty, and our in-house capabilities enable us to plate them to your requirements.

  • Hook Switch Cup
  • Reservoir Cap
  • Commutator Cap
  • Linkage
  • Pulley
  • Insulin delivery Pump Components

Syringe Plungers

Interplex’s reel-to-reel precision stamped and insert molded capabilities are well equipped to produce specialty syringe plungers for your end application needs. Our customized syringe plungers have a sharp barbed needle on the end, and are used in pre-filled syringes. The barbed needle enables retraction of the syringe seal by pulling of the plunger after injection.

  • Syringe Plunger