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Automotive Press-Fit Solderless Interconnects

Designed and tested to meet standard automotive requirements for vibration, mechanical and thermal shock for up to 125°C, as defined by the IEC, EIA and SAE.

Bandolier Pins

Bandolier Pins and Terminals made from open tooling, in a wide variety of sizes.

Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells

Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells- the heart of Hydrogen conversion into electric power. Green technology for various applications in the transportation and energy industries.

BusMate® Power Busbar Connector System

Busbar-pluggable power interconnect for low and high voltage applications. Excellent ampacity-size ratio and accommodates large assembly tolerances.

Cell-PLX™ Electric Vehicle Battery Interconnect System

Electric Vehicle battery module interconnect system customizable to your requirements. Adaptable for various cell quantities and configurations with integrated control board connector and pluggable multi-module expansion capability.

Customized Connectors

Design and development of interconnect solutions- our passion and forte. Discover our comprehensive range of customized connectors for various end applications, and the capabilities we have to provide you with Any solution, Anywhere™.

Electronic Modules and Packaging Solutions

Interplex offers complete solutions from concept through development and into scalable high-volume production for almost any electronic packaging application.

Flex Circuit Assembly with Custom Connector Solutions

From concept development to high volume production, Interplex Sunbelt Inc. offers design services that focus on “design for manufacturability” Flex Circuit Assemblies with quick turn prototyping during the early stages of your program.

Flexible Busbars

Customized flexible busbars for low voltage power applications. Excellent vibration and shock absorption characteristics with improved electrical conductivity and high tolerance for assembly mismatch/offset.

Heat Sinks

Customized thermal solutions for high-power applications. Our integrated stamping and joining processes produce heat sinks with impressive weight savings, and enable design freedom for fin dimensions and configurations, and 3D individualizable fin characteristics.

IndiCoat™ Whisker Mitigation Plating Chemistry

Developed by Interplex, IndiCoat™ whisker mitigation plating chemistry is already in production mode for our Press-Fit pins. Depending on end-applications and specifications required, a combination of undercoat barrier layers and/or specific topcoats can be used as whisker mitigation strategies.

Interplex Corporate Brochure

Interplex specializes in customized applications solutions tailored to specific end-applications. Learn more about our global footprint, integrated full suite of capabilities, and the industries we excel in; discover how we can truly provide our valued customers with Any solution, Anywhere™.

Mechatronics Packaging Interconnect Solutions

Customizable solutions with integrated pluggable sub-assemblies; suitable for high and low voltage power applications.

Medical Circular Connectors: 10-pin/socket

Compact, robust and reliable 10-pin/socket circular connectors for the medical industry. UL controlled and certified, and REACH and RoHS 5/6 compliant.

Medical Circular Connectors: 6-pin/socket

Compact, robust and reliable 6-pin/socket circular connectors for the medical industry. UL controlled and certified, and REACH and RoHS 5/6 compliant.

Medical Circular Connectors: 6-pin/socket (Non-magnetic)

Compact, robust and reliable non-magnetic 6-pin/socket circular connectors for the medical industry. UL controlled and certified, and REACH and RoHS 5/6 compliant.

Multi-Row Board-to-Board Connector

Our robust Multi-Row Board-to-Board Connector is customizable to high circuit size, with board height flexibility. Up to 30 circuits per row and up to 6 rows.

Open Cavity Thermoplastic Packaging Solutions

For applications such as automotive sensors and modules, semiconductor leadframes, consumer electronics, telecom amplifiers, industrial controls, military avionics and medical devices.

Plating Capabilities

Learn more about our global plating capabilities: Reel-to-reel (selective, spot and stripe) plating, rack and barrel plating, and other surface treatment processes.

Plating Research and Development Centre

Our plating Centre of Excellence established in BioCity in central Scotland is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide a comprehensive suite of laboratory testing services.

Power Interconnect Solutions

Learn more about our portfolio of customized interconnect solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles, e-mobility and industrial high-power applications.

Press-Fit Current Carrying Capacity Datasheet

Electrical current carrying capacity data for Interplex’s 0.40mm MiniPLX, 0.64mm EON and 0.80mm EON Press-Fit zones.

Press-Fit Technology

Your trusted solderless connection in various sizes, materials, plating options and delivery formats.

Sinter-PLX™ Sinter-bonded Power Lead Frame Technology

Power lead frames with selective-bonded silver sinter for top side direct die attach. A stable and reliable solution with low inductance, low resistance and efficient heat dissipation.

Solder and Flux Bearing Leads Catalogue

Interplex’s Solder and Flux Bearing Lead has a consistency close to 100% and contain a precise predetermined amount of solder and flux.
Find drawings of our Solder and Flux Bearing Leads here.

Solder and Flux Bearing Technology

Interplex’s Solder and Flux Bearing Technology eliminates costly and defect prone soldering methods and is an alternative for Press-Fits.
Find drawings of our Solder and Flux Bearing Technology here.

Solderless Capacitor Mount System – CAP-LOC™ System

A solderless mounting system for electrolytic capacitors that eliminates the secondary processes of soldering, adhesives, or clamps commonly used to make the electrical and mechanical connections to PCBs.

Solderless Press-Fit Terminals for Automotive Applications

Our modular high-speed production dies can be configured for specific blade lengths and tip geometries to provide you with fast and economical product development cycles.

SPE Connector with Press-Fit & SPE Plug

As a member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, we are committed to supplying a range of SPE products, such as IEC 63171-6 compliant connectors and receptacles.

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Instructions For Use (IFU)

Get to know your Interplex solution better. The complete manual and IFU accompanying selected solutions are available for your reference.

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