Hard Disk Drive Solutions

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technology has been a fundamental element in computing systems for decades.  While the core HDD functionality as electromechanical devices for storage and retrieval of data has remained essentially the same, the speeds at which magnetic disks are spinning and the amount of data that can be stored have both been steadily increasing. At the same time, HDD form factors are evolving to provide smaller sizes, lower weight, lower power consumption and greater configuration flexibility.

As a long-term proven supplier of HDD components, Interplex has built a solid track record for quality, high-volume production capabilities and application-specific design innovations.  Our industry-wide reputation for dependability and responsiveness, combined with the logistics advantages of Interplex’s global footprint have made us the trusted supplier of choice for top-tier datacom and telecom companies.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Quick time-to-market (TTM) launches and prototype builds
  • Responsive technical support close to customers
  • Excellent, innovative R&D team to collaborate with customers from concept to production ramp-up
  • Design flexibility and automated production processes for optimizing product cost
  • Vertically integrated processes and excellent responsiveness for shorter time-to-volume (TTV) ramp ups
  • Over 30 years of proven expertise providing customized high-precision solutions to HDD companies
  • Proficient in producing complex and intricate products in adherence to stringent, high-precision requirements
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) practices for sustainable volume production
  • Tooling expertise under one roof – tool design (including DFM and feasibility studies), making and maintenance
  • Best-in-class surface finishing capabilities for top-notch cleanliness and performance

Our Portfolio

  • Disk Clamps
  • Yoke Plates for Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Actuators
  • Disk Separator Plates
  • HDD Bases (Stamped and Forged)

Our Capabilities

HDD Design Expertise

Interplex experts routinely work with our customers’ design teams throughout the product development process, from concept through prototype and full production ramp-up. Depending on specific customer requirements, we can leverage deep experience in HDD design to provide inputs on various approaches for meeting cost, quality and production yield targets.

With our expansive range of technologies and vertically integrated capabilities, Interplex is well positioned to customize optimal designs for manufacturing a variety HDD products, rather than requiring customers to pick from a limited selection of alternatives.

In addition, our in-house testing and analysis capabilities — including Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), automated inspection, environmental testing — and certifications for various quality and environmental management systems assure stringent compliance with industry requirements and regulations.

HDD Production Expertise

Interplex brings together the industry’s premier line-up of production capabilities for delivering HDD products across a wide range of requirements, while assuring cost-effective, high-quality yields at any production volume.

Key production capabilities include:

  • Precision Cold Forging Progressive Stamping, which blends the advantages of Cold Forging, Stamping and Machining to optimize both product cost and production yields
  • Full range of in-house Tooling and Mold Making capabilities
  • Extensive Plating and Coating capabilities
  • Comprehensive Precision Metal Stamping technologies
  • CNC Precision Machining and Turning
  • Tumbling and Lapping equipment for critical surface finishes of HDD disks and components
  • Automated inspection and full in-house laboratory testing to assure quality