Solder Attach Technology

Over many years, solder attach technology, pioneered by Interplex, has been incorporated into a wide range of interconnects and other products by creating leads with a very precise amount of solder and flux already on them.

By considering the use of solder attach methods early in the design process, engineers can greatly expand their options for achieving product design and manufacturability objectives. Solder attach methods can be incorporated directly into the creation of virtually any application-specific components to make them “self-solderable”. This approach eliminates secondary processes and streamlines the assembly process, while also improving final product quality.

100% Solderability

Our solder-bearing and flux-bearing products have proven to deliver 100% solderability while eliminating expensive and variable secondary processes. This not only improves quality, but simultaneously reduces costs.

Customizable Designs

Interplex builds on these proven, fundamental solder attach technologies with our expertise in design and customized application solutions. Coupled with our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, we take pride in providing custom from-the-ground-up designs that deliver 100% solderability within a widening range of application-specific product implementations.

Global Footprint

The flexibility of solder attach technologies, combined with our global footprint and customization expertise, makes this technology an ideal alternative for new custom applications that require joining of components within tight tolerances. Top-tier customers trust in the reliability of our self-soldering solutions, all while keeping costs competitive.

Types of Applications

  • Automotive electronics
  • Datacom & Telecom devices
  • Display panels
  • Lead frames
  • Medical & Life Sciences devices
  • Radio frequency shielding
  • Sensors

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