Chassis & Enclosures

As the market landscape progresses, computing, communications, industrial and consumer applications continue to become more diverse. With greater functionality being packed into virtually every new generation of products, one key area that continues to play a steadfast, important role is the design and manufacture of chassis and enclosures.

These enclosures — sometimes referred to as cases, housings, base units or system units — are key elements that serve a variety of functions. They help to organize, protect and interconnect all the electronics (both internal and external) and other components within the system.

As a trusted supplier of chassis and enclosures for leading systems companies around the world, Interplex offers both a full range of applicable technologies and the design, logistics and manufacturing excellence needed to provide responsive customized solutions for various end applications.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Design and/or re-engineering capabilities for cost-effective, manufacturable solutions
  • Technical tooling competency with in-house tooling and molding capabilities
  • Global footprint and vertically integrated capabilities, including sub-assembly and/or full turn-key production
  • Consistent and reliable quality, best practices and ISO Quality Certifications
  • Comprehensive Project Management practices, skills and service
  • Flexible production ranging from High-Volume-Low-Mix to Low-Volume-High-Mix

Interplex’s Distinctive Capabilities

  • Manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, with dedicated Program and Project Management teams
  • Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) with on-site Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support from our global engineering resources
  • Scalability and flexibility to undertake large scale projects with multiple tooling requirements and short lead-times
  • Integrated mechanical solutions, including metal stamping, plastic molding, aluminum die-casting, precision machining, in dedicated or flexible assembly lines
  • Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) compliance
  • Total Supply Chain Management and SAP-based ERP/MRP capabilities for comprehensive logistics and supply chain optimization

Important Functions of Enclosures

  • Structure – providing a physical form factor to contain and organize all components
  • Protection – keeping internal components safe from dirt, moisture, foreign objects, etc.
  • EMI/RFI shielding – minimizing electrical interference to and from internal components
  • Cooling – optimizing airflow through the system to keep sensitive components cool
  • Noise – mitigating any external sound impacts from internal fans
  • Aesthetics – providing a clean and attractive external appearance

 Product Categories

  • Enterprise Servers (1U – 5U)
  • Racks and Cabinets (seismic certified, up to 42RU)
  • Network (switches, routers)
  • Storage
  • Cloud Computing Systems

Markets Served

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