Cell-PLX™ is Interplex’s customized battery interconnect system designed to your application needs. It is suitable for Lithium-ion battery cells for cylindrical, pouch and prismatic battery module designs, with robust packaging formats for high-vibration environments.

Flexibility and customization is key, and various design configurations can be explored. Cell-PLX™ is not a simplistic, off-the-shelf product; it is a tailor-made power solution that delivers what you need. Its high-precision elements seamlessly integrate into an organized system, truly delivering a reliable battery interconnect system that caters to your battery design requirements.

Unique Selling Proposition of Cell-PLX™

  • Customized single/multi-layer current collector designs
  • Supports various current densities and cell array configurations
  • Tight-tolerance current collectors
  • Laser weld/wire bond attachment options
  • Robust packaging formats for high-vibration environments
  • Multiple module-to-module connection options
  • Seamless integration of passive and active components for safety and cell monitoring
  • Quick time-to-market; vertically integrated in-house production capabilities

Markets Served

Types of Applications

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) and automotive power systems
  • Maritime vessels: Electric boats, ferries
  • Commercial transportation: Buses, light trucks, tractor trailers, trains, subway systems
  • Personal mobility devices: Motorcycles, electric scooters, bicycles
  • Energy storage: Wind, solar

Cell-PLX™ Customizable Features

Top and Bottom Current Collectors

  • High-precision stamped for tight tolerances
  • Single/multi-layer options
  • Specific configurations to attain required outputs
  • Positive and negative terminals can be formed down to cell level for laser weld or wire bond attachment

Top and Bottom Dielectric Layers

  • Adhesive-backed (double/single-sided) insulation layers attached to current collectors
  • Non-adhesive insulation layers can also be attached to current collectors by heat staking

Overmolded Control Board Interconnect

  • Connected to current collectors’ voltage sense lines
  • Overmolded lead frame interconnect into plastic insulated battery cell holder
  • Provides robust connection to control board
  • Geometric configurations: Right angle or straight
  • Precise placement and welding of active/passive components – e.g. fuses, thermistors

Battery Cell Holder

  • Customized configurations to meet your requirements
  • Various plastic material options available

Control Board Connector

  • Custom-designed female receptacle connects overmolded lead frame to control board

Cell-PLX™ Specifications

Material Specifications
  • Current Collectors: AL1100, C1100, Nickel
  • Dielectric Layers:
    – Plastic Resin: PA, PC/ABS, Nylon 6, XAREC, Noryl, Lupoy, PBT, PA66
    – Thin Film: Polyimide, Nomex, Lexan, Mylar, Epoxy in various thicknesses
  • Lead Frame: C510 phosphor bronze, beryllium copper
  • Battery Cell Holder: PPA, PC/ABS, Nylon 6, PA66, PBT
    – Service temperature of plastics: <130°C
  • Surface Treatment of Current Collectors: Nickel plating option
    – For anti-corrosion and welding purposes
  • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-0
    – For battery cell holder and dielectric layers

All specification values indicated herein are within a typical value range; actual specifications depend on end applications and requirements.

Mechanical Specifications
  • Battery Cell Types: 21700, 18650, prismatic, pouch
  • Battery Module Connection Types: Nut/bolt, pin/socket, customized configurations possible
  • Current Collector Sizes (W x L): 100 x 100mm – 500 x 900mm
  • Current Collector Thickness: 0.254 – 3mm
  • Cell Terminal Thickness: 0.125 – 0.3mm
    – Laser Weld: Terminal thickness <0.3mm
    – Wire Bond: Various thicknesses possible
  • Cell Terminal Positional Tolerance: ±0.127mm
  • Dielectric Layer Thickness: 0.127 – 0.3mm
    – Pressure-sensitive and thermal-activated adhesive
  • Lead Frame Thickness: 0.64mm typical        

All specification values indicated herein are within a typical value range; actual specifications depend on end applications and requirements.

Performance Specifications
  • Battery Module Voltage: 12 – 120V
  • Battery Module Capacity: 50 – 400Ah
  • Battery Module Energy: 0.60 – 48kWh
  • Module-to-module Connections: <400A, off-shelf or customized
  • Current Density: <15A/mm², maintaining <60°C with cooling
  • Dielectric Strength of Insulation Materials: <7.5kV/0.025mm, ASTM D149
  • Dielectric Continuous Use Temperature: <220°C
  • Voltage Sense Line: <2A, 50V
    – Cable, flex circuit, overmolded lead frame
  • Temperature Sensing: 4.7kΩ at 25°C, thermistor placement
  • Overload Condition: <200% for 10s without degradation

All specification values indicated herein are within a typical value range; actual specifications depend on end applications and requirements.

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