Power Lead Frames

Interplex provides key enabling technologies that streamline the assembly and improve the efficiency of new generation power stack inverter systems.

Rapid growth in the electrification of automobiles, transportation systems and green-power applications has given rise to a whole new set of challenges in the design and packaging of power conversion and power management devices.

Early inverters were typically large, bulky and heavy power devices that exhibited high inductance and relatively low efficiency– all at a fairly high cost. As new automotive fuel efficiency standards and market demands drive the industry towards more cost-effective hybrid and alternative powertrain vehicles, designers are under pressure to improve inverter system efficiency.

Interplex’s global leadership in the power module industry has primarily focused on customizing and producing power lead frames, Press-Fit solderless interconnects, high-current busbar interfaces and integrated packaging for power module makers.

These Interplex technologies have enabled smaller integrated inverter systems that decrease material costs, improve assembly processes and result in shorter current paths between subsystems, thereby greatly improving overall performance and increasing efficiency.

Unique Selling Proposition of Interplex Power Module Interconnect Technologies

  • High-force pluggable solder-free interconnects
  • High current coefficient of thermal expansion compliant
  • Design flexibility for application-specific solutions
  • Reduced current paths for lower induction
  • Thermally efficient direct connections
  • Integrated, stackable solutions for ease of assembly

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