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Supplier General Rules of Conduct
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The following shall be considered as being an integral part of Interplex’s business relationship with its suppliers.

Interplex can, at any time, audit the conformity of its supplier to those rules


  • Interplex‘s suppliers shall comply with the legal requirements and standards of their industry as applicable under the national law of the countries in which suppliers are operating. This includes, but is not limited to, the laws and regulations governing the following: environmental, health, safety, employment, child labor, discrimination and human rights.
  • Suppliers must not use forced labor.
  • Interplex’s suppliers shall ensure the compliance of their components and products with specific legal requirements applicable to the countries into which their products are being sold.
  • Interplex’s suppliers shall ensure that conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold), if used in their product, are not purchased from the conflict sources. Please refer to for details.
  • Interplex’s suppliers shall ensure that they are compliant with the latest version of EICC code of conduct. Please refer to for details.


  • Environmental, health and safety standards form an integral part of the business relationship with Interplex.
    Suppliers’ employees shall be provided with safe and healthy working conditions.


Interplex does not expect its suppliers to offer any gift, gratuities or any form of privilege to our employees. Gifts, meals, or entertainment are permitted only if they are ordinary and reasonable, of limited value, consistent with accepted business practices and accepted ethical standards, and do not violate any law.

Request for gifts in support of any Interplex company annual employees function once a year is permitted if such solicitation is requested on the Company’s letterhead and the purpose is clearly stated in a letter jointly signed by the Group Chief Supply Chain Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer. All such gifts must be delivered to the Company with clear acknowledgment of receipt.

Interplex reserves the right to recover any damage that Interplex has incurred due to any un-ethical practice which results in Interplex paying a higher price for goods or receiving goods of inferior quality.


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