Process & Capability




Interplex delivers an unmatched range of advanced design and manufacturing services. All processes throughout our global facilities are geared to provide customers with perfect-fit solutions for their application-specific requirements, along with the highest quality, volume production yields and cost-efficiency that they need to succeed.

Our advanced process capabilities include:



A leader in forging technology, including both cold and hot forging, with deep experience in product design and high-volume production of forged parts  
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Precision Stamping

A pioneer in precision metal stamping – specializing in the stamping of tight-tolerance, close-pitch, high-precision and light-gauge metal components, as well as thicker gauge, larger metal components and systems 
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A unique manufacturing process that combines the benefits of conventional precision metal stamping with standard cold forging
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Chemical Etching

Proprietary reel-to-reel processing which can achieve very close tolerances and high repeatability for features that are too small to achieve with conventional stamping processes
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Precision Machining

Design and high-volume production of high precision machined parts  
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Vertical integration of electroplating processes within high-volume, high-quality, flexible manufacturing operations  
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Full suite of molding services which includes plastic molding, injection molding, insert molding and overmolding  
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Custom-designed assembly solutions ranging from single station work cells to fully-automatic robotic assembly systems  
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Secondary Processes

Wide range of secondary processes including heat treatment, heat staking, welding, rivet assembly, die casting, tumbling, tapping, lapping, tube forming and more

Other Processes

Processes such as skiving, decorative surface finishing, packaging, assembly and more