Precision Machining








Interplex has a proven track record of precision machining services that are geared to deliver very high production volumes totaling more than 5 million pieces per month along with the ability to maintain tolerances of less than a micron.

Our highly-automated production environment uses a lean machining concept with a full spectrum of turning and milling operations.  Our machining processes also integrate specialized metrology equipment to measure key geometric factors such as roundness, surface uniformity, hardness, etc. The result is an ability to handle very complicated parts without sacrificing cost, quality or production efficiency.

Our machining excellence design teams are also able to effectively interface with customers at any point in the development process including early concept stages or machine-to-specification of existing parts.

The results are invariably lower costs and sustained high-quality production yields.

Because of Interplex’s ability to deliver sub-micron machining at virtually any volumes needed and proven reputation for reliability, leading Tier 1 manufacturers in many industries have come to depend on our services as an integral element within their overall production strategies.

Other in-house capabilities include heat treatment (both Aluminum and SUS), DI water wash and hydrocarbon washing of parts to meet RoHS requirements.

Interplex is currently certified with ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14000 and in progress for IATF 16949.


Types of Precision Machining:

  • Precision Bar Turning
  • Precision Turning
  • Precision Milling
  • Precision Tapping and Drilling