Progressive Cold Forged Stamping








Precision Cold Forged Progressive Stamping is a unique manufacturing process, combining the benefits of conventional precision metal stamping with standard cold forging.  This technology can effectively integrate many sub-processes such as blanking, drawing, forming, piercing, bending, ironing, upsetting, extrusion and trimming to streamline the creation of complex parts within a single unified design and production approach.

This provides our customers with excellent alternatives to machining, die casting, fine blanking and metal injection molding (MIM) and can reduce lead-times, improve production output and lower costs.


Key objectives of precision cold forged progressive stamping include:

  • Replace conventional manufacturing methods by minimizing or eliminating machining, welding, assembly
  • Enable stable and consistent process for creation of complex 3D parts
  • Provide parts that are more rigid with close tolerances, sharper corner edges and better surface flatness
  • Reduce manufacturing lead-time and improve production efficiency

Since 1997, Interplex has been the industry pioneer and leading innovator in the use of precision cold forged progressive stamping for cost-effectively creating complex precision parts for a wide range of industries including automotive, telecom, mobile devices, enterprise network servers, printing & imaging, and many others.