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We don’t just participate in the markets that we serve. We lead them.

This is evidenced by Interplex’s long history of technology, innovation, numerous patents, and our global reputation for creating new solutions that are a step ahead of emerging industry requirements.


Some key examples of industry-changing innovations driven by Interplex:

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Press-Fit / Compliant Pins

Vertically integrated manufacturer with localized manufacturing, we provide Press-fit technology as stamped parts on reels, incorporated into molded assemblies as well as expert application engineering services  
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Power Lead Frames / Busbar

We provide Power Module Packaging solutions in the form of Busbars, interconnects & assemblies for Inverters, converters for both high/low voltage applications  
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Electronic Modules & Packaging with Integrated Connectors

Interplex offers application specific solutions from concept through development and into scalable high-volume production of electronic modules for almost any electronic packaging application  
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Custom Connector & Interconnect

We design, develop and manufacture application specific custom connectors products and interconnect assemblies.

In-house capability to design and manufacture unique solutions combining flex circuit assembly and custom connector solutions for automotive and medical electronic customers.  
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Solder Attach Technology

Our solder bearing leads and flux bearing leads were developed to help overcome significant challenges in circuit assembly eliminating costly and secondary soldering operations    
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Bandolier Pins

Offers a complete line of Bandolier Pins and Terminals that can be manufactured to support a variety of dimensional requirements  
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