Interplex provides trendsetting technologies across a variety of industry segments.

As a long time trusted innovator, Interplex is known for creating new enabling technologies to help drive the real world.


The goal of creating a cleaner, more sustainable world through the elimination of carbon emissions depends on deploying advanced technologies. As our customers build new-generation EVs, transportation systems, and energy grids, they depend on innovative Interplex solutions such as advanced EV drivetrains, battery systems, fuel cells, and energy storage.

Advanced Mobility

Widespread acceptance of advanced mobility applications will transform how people interact with new technologies in personal and public transportation. Interplex plays a crucial role in driving innovations in this sphere, including EV powertrains, driver-assist systems, autonomous driving, and advanced onboard infotainment and productivity systems. All of these technologies allow us to work toward a world with greater vehicular safety and a lower carbon footprint.

Increased Longevity

Life expectancy at birth is steadily rising and has more than doubled over the last two centuries. People are not only living longer, but healthier lives, largely due to new technologies transforming medical care, personal health monitoring, in-vitro devices, hospital efficiency, and remote telemedicine capabilities.


The global expansion of information communications technology (ICT) continues to add fuel to the trend toward the digitalization of virtually everything. Disruptive new applications are giving consumers more power to demand personalized offerings and companies need agile, scalable, and flexible systems to satisfy customers and drive market growth while maintaining profitability.
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